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  • Mountain Safety Research®

    For 40 years, the MSR brand has stood for cutting-edge backcountry-gear engineering. Our passionate fusion of mountaineering and engineering has led to a succession of groundbreaking products—from stoves, tents, and snowshoes to cookware, water filters, purifiers and camp towels—that have revolutionized the outdoor industry. That’s why MSR gear has been taken on expeditions around the world, standing up, time and time again, to the most demanding situations imaginable.
  • Therm-a-Rest®

    Since we invented the very first self-inflating camping mattress in 1972, Therm-a-Rest has been committed to creating the finest portable outdoor comfort solutions for every kind of adventure. Our product offerings represent the leading edge of innovation across mattresses, sleeping bags, cots, pillows, hammocks, seating and more, with the majority of it still made in Seattle, USA, where it all began over 40 years ago. However you enjoy the outdoors, having Therm-a-Rest comfort along for the ride makes it better.
  • SealLine®

    You can depend on SealLineportable bags, packs, cases and accessories to keep your gear protected anywhere—from the urban jungle to farthest reaches of the globe. SealLine products are made of the highest-quality waterproof fabrics, and our proprietary RF-welding skills are unmatched in the industry. The result is unquestionable gear protection to help you survive the world’s most challenging environments
  • PackTowl®

    When you need to dry off quickly, PackTowl has you covered. Light, packable and highly absorbent, our PackTowl towels wring dry and are ready to go again quickly. Originally developed to liberate backpackers, kayakers and travelers from carrying around a heavy, wet towel, our PackTowl products are superabsorbent and soft to the touch. They offer you the performance you need for an active lifestyle. Simply wring it, reuse it and get on with your adventure.
  • Hummingbird

    The Hummingbird philosophy is simple: gear should enhance the moment, not define it. Our line of adventure travel gear and comfort accessories was created for those who prefer to travel light. Through smart, rugged designs our gear haulers and accessories offer dependable, easy-traveling pieces for true adventurers who believe that the less you bring, the more you enjoy your experience. And we make it all in the U.S.A to ensure the finest quality possible.
  • Tracks®

    Our brand of walking staffs are hand-built in Seattle, WA with high-strength, lightweight anodized aluminum tubing and offer all-terrain stability to everyone—from Himalayan trekkers to North American birders. Wherever your feet take you, Tracks staffs can make the journey easier and more comfortable.

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