Monday, February 3, 2014

Road Is Calling My Name

Open Road (Nevada 50 Worlds loneliest Hwy)

Rails to trails (Washington out of Seattle east)

Ocean bays (Port Angeles WA looking at Canada )

Lakes( Mc Murry lake WA.)

Forest ways(Mt. Hood. OR) 

Forest (Hood MT! Area)

Canyons (at Hoover Dam) 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

How did I end up here? ( Up coming book chapter ) teaser

After many weeks of rest and reflection , watch other cyclist continue there journey . I have to ask my self like many other cyclist,  " How did I end up here"? 

Well I figured out that when you can learn to let your experience lead you , You will find yourself right where you need to be.

Life has sped up our belief that lots of the time where heading to where we need to be, fast fast fast and if anything slows us down  considered a negative .? 

Once we learn that things will come when where ready for them.  Most of the world call if faith.,plan and simple. Ether faith in your higher power or just inner faith . Most of us ether sit and worry about the future ,others plan for it.. So I guess it's where you find yourself. And so sometime in your life or many times the light will click on and you wonder "How did I end up here?" 

Sitting staring at my bicycle for the countless night in a row. I find myself going over and over what need to be replaced , fixed , thrown out, or hidden with duck tape or a odd sticker maybe to cover up that little boulder scratch .
If find my self on the same road of despair . Knowing with what little funds I can contribute to my little "Le Lu" she still in need of some serious love.  But with the faith that has grown , I realize now it's all ways darker before the light. 

So I make my plan