Hello , I,m Greg.  I ve been planning a bicycle touring expedition  selling everything I don't want to carry on my bike . Saying goodbye to lots of creature comforts and to a few friends. Heading out to see the world with faith I will not starve. Hopefully to show people young and young at heart that more should live there dream. That Dreams do really come true!                                                                                                                                                                Native Californian  White Spaniard  45 years young. blue eye black hair   Been cycling since I was 3  But not to say I ride any better today.                                                                                                                                           I love women, but never been married and no little one yet. I'm sure my days our numbered..I can,t wait.    No family but the bicycle touring family that seems to be growing. So kind of a lone ranger.    Things I like to do sailing,diving,hiking anything water. Ocean Rivers Lakes,Streams,Ponds,puddles. But when Blowing  from the sky 20+ knots you can keep it.   This expedition I will be self contained. On a 12year old Mountain bicycle Ive toured on for 10 years, on and off.  Of course with  multi up grades over the years. Although camping when ever i can , I will be hosteling also. I find hostels to be a  awesome place to meet good locals and travelers alike. My Plan is to work and ride supporting my trip along the way.  That where some of the Idea The Starving Cyclist was born. Well now that you know.What ca ya going to to about it? Here are some links of mine you must subscribe to.


Unknown said...

Hey Greg! So great to meet you on the Ferry to Mazatlan and hanging with you at the Funky Monkey. We are in Ticla now and might catch up with you. You are in Zihuatanejo? I will keep checking you status. Hope you are doing well!
Gea and Scott

Chris Buchman said...

Hi Gregg great to meet u today at te cafe in chiang mai. Check out my site:, and happy trails my friend!

Unknown said...

Hi aye Greg
Awesome to meet you at The Hub in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.
Best of luck with the rest of the trip. You are an inspiration... Keep in pedalling

Roland R. said...

Hi Greg, Hope all is well . Staysafe and most of all keep healthy 💪.