Friday, July 19, 2013

Humboldt Redwoods California

Seeing a lot of bike riders heading south.  Most think I'm crazy for heading north.  Yes there's a lot of head wind! 

Shot above from woodside.

Another Family on bicycles

Met up with a great family from France . Wonderful people traveling the world by bicycle . Two tandems with trailers. Two  young boys and a girl. Home schooling . There seeing the road in a awesome way. Reminds me of some on bikes .org  great to meet a family traveling . So Awesome!!! 

Notice the little saddle the stoker needs. :)

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Beautiful weather in California . Here is a few shots of steamers ale big surf spot although it's flat here.  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

California Coast North

Still trying to find some direction . Loving the California Coast line . In Sonoma County now. Its the county where I grew up . Went for a ride in Andel state park in Santa Rosa California . A place where I grew up riding in the dirt. Very rocky this time. Full suspendy needed.  

Big Sur up above  heading into San Francisco 

Hoping to add a video soon , stay tuned.