Sunday, October 13, 2013

To all those that have helped

Here a reminder of what it takes to be successful bicycle travel
A great company with outstanding service.  Five Star! 

To Captain Randel Baker, a friend ..but more like familly. Has been the foundation .
So Cheers to the Captain Randel Baker Foundation. 1# sponcer Award 

To all the greatest warm showers host around America and a broad. Special thanks.
This is Nick and Conci. Great folks from Oregon USA

Sugar Wheel Works.  Best !  Portland Oregon.  They got me back on the road after only 3 hours off my bike provided storage for my bike and gear. Coffee. Really the best wheel and touring talk ever.  Jude is just one of the great keys to have the best reputation  wheel builders within 1000 miles people knew who I was speaking about. Now it's up to you want the best? Or happy with second best....Greg