Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hey Gringo

GRINGO It is the mexican way for the two English words green and go. During the US invasion to Mexico in the 1800´s mexican people wanted the US army to leave and, since they could not speak well English, they would just say gringo, gringo; asking for the northamericans to leave. The expression stayed in latin american culture to refer to a US person. Gringo for males and gringas for females.

( this is a black turtle ,it's belly is white but told it will turn black when mature. This sea turtle could live past 70 years ....Whow !

Good friends

This trip would not be possible without the constant support of a great friend RANDY BAKER. A sailing buddy that has gone above the call of duty to make sure that I'm OK. So I ask as a favor that all sponsors PAY him. And all women LAY him. A good guy! Single sailboat captain .So ladies getting moving.....

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Found a pretty decent spot. Hotel Tule . So far so good ! Ocean 30 yards behind me. And face large freshwater lake many awesome birds and don't forget many many dangerous alligators !!

This pic is really about the duck. see it?

The most bluest duck I have ever seen . With large feet to walk on Lilly pad and such. He's been hanging around my camp a little. In one one of the best camp site yet...Mexico anyone?...


A bike shop in P.V . To check out they took great care of my biking needs. A must stop while in Puerto Vallarta . Mexico 322-221-2845