Saturday, November 28, 2015


Buenos Aires is pretty cool so far super wasted so going out tomorrow after I get some sleep

Monday, November 23, 2015

Pre Expedition Madness

Just a few more touches..Apparently Velocity Cliffhangers Rims are the best in the World. #Velocity #bicycingtheworld

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Velocity! Bad Ass

Well seems that Velocity has included in making my Dreams come true..
Thanks Velocity!   #Velocity

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Sat, Dec 5 Los Angeles (LAX) to Buenos Aires (EZE) Los Angeles (LAX) to San Jose (SJO) 8:35a - 4:30p • 5h 55m Alaska Airlines flight 282 • Boeing 737 Economy • Video, Meal for purchase, Movie Layover in San Jose • 1h 29m San Jose (SJO) to Panama City (PTY) 5:59p - 8:20p • 1h 21m COPA Airlines flight 115 • Boeing 737 Economy • Meal Layover in Panama City • 1h 28m Panama City (PTY) to Buenos Aires (EZE) 9:48p - 6:52a (Dec 6) • 7h 4m COPA Airlines flight 454 • Boeing 737 Economy • Meal ------- Passengers one adult ------- Pricing Summary Cost per passenger: $693.05 for one adult Total airfare and taxes: $693.05 ------- Pricing Details Fare 1: $144.00 Carrier AS RASUN5 LAX→SJO Passenger type ADT ONE-WAY fare Booking code R covers: LAX-SJO Fare 2: $516.50 Carrier CM QERT65 SJO→BUE Passenger type ADT ROUND-TRIP fare Booking code Q covers: SJO-PTY PTY-EZE Costa Rica Security Fee International Arriving (IK): $1.50 Costa Rica Security Fee International Departing (IK): $1.50 Panama Airport Security Fee Departures (AH): $1.25 US International Departure Tax (US): $17.70 US Passenger Facility Charge (XF): $4.50 US September 11th Security Fee (AY): $5.60 Total: $693.05 • This ticket is non-refundable. • Changes to this ticket will incur a penalty fee. Fare construction (can be useful to travel agents) LAX AS X/SJO 144.00RASUN5 CM X/PTY CM BUE Q170.00 346.50QERT65 NUC 660.50 END ROE 1.00 XT 17.70US 5.60AY 3.00IK 1.25AH 4.50XF LAX4.50