Saturday, September 8, 2012


A special thank you.  I ask for john for directions coming on to the montour trail.  He offered to sag me to the rei store due to dangerous roads. After spending all my energy to try to keep up with this riding animal ..he then not only offered hangout while i shop understanding that i had to be in the area to receive some mail he offered a place to stay. I had no idea that he would be offering a bed,shower,laundry,bike repair, dinner, breakfast,lunch. And really much more . After meeting his lovely wife mary there was no doubt that this riding animal is some of the finest folks I ever had the pleasure to meet. I say THANK YOU to John@Mary for treating me like a king. They will be missed. John also road 40 miles down the Great Allegheny Passage with me to assure my safe passage. (Then he road 40 miles home 80+ miles) Animal. I cant wait to get in shape like john.  A great couple that I will Never forget. Signed your friend Greg

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